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About Us

College’s History

Babalola Academy College of Health Technology was established in the year March 2020, with State government approval to kick start, we started operation by November 29th year 2020. Babalola Academy College of Health Technology is a tertiary institution that serves as a training ground offering various programs at National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) levels. Babalola Academy College of Health Technology is a private owned, government approved and fully accredited by the National Board For Technical Education (NBTE).

This institution is an institution per excellence where highly skilled, committed and devoted Health care practitioners will be trained for the advancement of the health sectors in Nigeria and global world.

Who we are

Welcome to the Babalola Academy College of Health Technology. We ensure research that would provide evidence based – foundation for the education of the next generation of thought leaders and healthcare professionals in Nigeria and the global world at large.

Babalola Academy College of Health Technology is an institution where partnership play a key role in promoting health research and education. We offer high quality undergraduate and graduate programs, research end grant programs, and clinical research projects enable us to provide our students with rich classroom, laboratory, and clinical experience

Our many programs encompass a broad and dynamic collection of specialties .in each of our programs we create an experience that shape changes in practice based on scientific evidence. Our approach is to translate our strong platform in interdisciplinary science into health practices, therapies, and interventions that result in immediate improvement in people’s lives.

Our students will receive a qualitative lectures and put into practices, to prepare them to pursue careers in various health professionals, as well as to continue their education in one of the medical fields or enter a field of graduate study to pursue scientific investigation. Our ultimate goal is to help our students excel in their chosen profession in the arena of health.

The Babalola Academy College of Health Technology will be nationally and intentionally known as a hub of interdisciplinary research, education, and public outreach dedicated to advancing human health. Partnering in significant initiatives with other educational and medical institutions, government agencies and private foundations. We will be leaders in advocating interdisciplinary, team based learning for students in experiential and discovery learning settings.

Objectives and Values

Objectives and Values
Core Values
We are committed to providing outstanding instruction and innovations for the advancement of high – quality education in the health sciences.

We encourage generosity in providing services to advance our academic and to promote the health and well – being of the communities. We serve in addiction; we are committed to providing services to the health science professions at state, national and international levels. We value efforts to understand those we serve and encourage expression of kindness, compassion and honesty among peers and students

To strengthen interdisciplinary faculties and students outreach activities and partnership in the local, national, and global communities. Identifying public needs that can be served by students and faculty in the academic and initiates outreach programs that address those needs, capitalizing in faculty strength, and students interests. Strategically target international institutions for development and expansion of collaborative agreements promoting faculty and student exchanges, study abroad and collaborative agreements promoting faculty and student exchanges, study abroad and collaborative research. Utilize international partnership to enhance educational opportunities for students.


Experiential learning
To educate future leaders in health and exercise promotion, health care, and health related research through high – quality didactic and experiential learning that enhances interdisciplinary understanding and interactions. Provides reality based learning environments and simulations to enhance students understanding of their fields of academic or professional study and to ensure that students can effectively work as a member of an interdisciplinary team. Provide meaningfully experimental service learning and under graduate research opportunities for students. Identify a core underlying knowledge base and skill set for all students in the academic to promote continuity of understanding and performance across discipline.

Promote growth and enhanced quality of graduate and professional programs in the academy

Our Vision

To be known as an inclusive and engaging community that cultivates learning, creates transformative knowledge and promotes the health status and quality of life for all people.

Our programmes are been tutored of multidisciplinary teams of health scientists who address health and human illness using basic science, clinical, behavioral and community – based research approaches

Mission Statement

Babalola Academy College of Health Technology is to educate the next generation of healthcare professionals in a collaborative inter professional learning environment, provide accessible, innovative health and wellness care services and explore ways to improve health outcome through science, technology and advance research

Objectives & Goals

To provide high – quality learner – centered residential and distance learning education in health science to include educational partnership / collaboration
To support and promote the recruitment, admission, retention to graduation of health science students.
To foster an educational environment that values diversity, cultivates collaboration and promotes services to the university and broacher community.
To engage in scholarly activities which enhance health promotion and disease prevention and support academic programs
To prepare students for career and graduate study in public health allied health, fitness, nutrition & food science, environmental health sciences, nursing science, lab technicians, medical lab, pharmacist, and teacher certification in physical education. Etc.

We are approved

Babalola Academy College Of health Technology, GOVERNMENT APPROVED AND FULLY ACCREDITED BY NBTE.