Mr. Jimoh Babalola

Rector Speech

Good day everyone, It is my joy and pleasure to welcome everybody to Babalola Academy College of Health Technology (BACHT) a foremost, noble, classical and highly reliable Health Institution.

This Institution was founded in March 18th 2020 by Mr. Jimoh Kazeem Babalola, a man of mission and vision for Health oriented courses.

BACHT was established to fill the educational gap which has always been created by lack of admission for parents who wants their wards to be educated most especially in the health sector.

BACHT is an institution approved by the Government and fully accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) early this year. This sends a signal that our certificates are well recognized nationally.

BACHT proffers qualifications like Certificate, National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) in health related disciplines like, Community Health Technology (CHT), Health Information Management (HIM), Pharmacy Technology and Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) among others.

This noble institution also has the capacity, equipments as well a qualified lecturers and space to accommodate, train and bring the vision of our wards to reality.

In conclusion, I emphatically encourage parents to send their wards to Babalola Academy College of Health Technology where quality and sound Education are considered as their top priority and watchword.


Thank you all